Masraf Al Rayan

Asset Management Group

Al Rayan GCC Fund

One of largest and most successful Sharia-compliant GCC funds in the region

Al Rayan GCC Fund was launched in May 2010. Its success has stemmed from a belief that markets have significant opportunities, which allow the extraction of significant alpha (returns). The fund seeks to unearth uncommon value across GCC equities and sukuk.

With in-depth and rigorous analysis of companies (the sectors and countries they operate in), the fund applies an 18-24-month investment view aiming to capture material returns where current valuations do not fully reflect future prospects. Where necessary, the fund is more nimble when sufficiently attractive, shorter-term opportunities emerge.

We share our investors’ desire to focus on responsible investments, seeking to achieve sustainable growth. Importantly, studies by Al Rayan Investment and others show this does not compromise performance, in fact principle-based investing has materially enhanced returns over the long term.

Al Rayan GCC Fund invests across the six-nation, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). GCC members are Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The fund only invests in Sharia-compliant securities (as guided by our Shariah Supervisory Board) enabling investors to access compelling and responsible growth within the Gulf.

Masraf Al Rayan Q.P.S.C is the founder of Al Rayan GCC Fund, which is managed by multi-award winning, Doha-based fund manager, Al Rayan Investment LLC.

The fund is one of the largest Sharia-compliant GCC-focused fund in the region. From inception in 2010 till end-June 2021, it has returned 115%, after all fees have been considered.

Gulf equities are the primary focus

Al Rayan GCC Fund focuses on regional, listed equities. The fund seeks to invest in companies with superior corporate governance, stronger management teams, durable market position and improving cash generation prospects. In addition to equities, the fund also invests in Shari’a-compliant fixed income (sukuk) and cash.

Ethical, responsible, sustainable: Our fund, as well as its investments meet our ethical investment principles, the foundation for responsible investing.


The fund’s multinational investment team has rich regional and global experience in equity and fixed income investing. Team members have strong track records of successful portfolio management and research.

Stock picking is key

We believe in-depth fundamental research is a pre-requisite to identifying long-term winners and unearthing value opportunities

In-house research

Al Rayan Investment carries out in-house research on regional companies determined by our thematic screening process.

Low fees, enhanced performance

In order to enhance investor returns, Al Rayan GCC Fund’s fees have been set competitively. One-off subscription fee, up to 1% Management fee of 1.25% of Net Asset Value (NAV) per annum. Management fee is charged on a monthly basis. Performance fee of 20% above the hurdle rate of 24%, to be charged, if any, every 2 years from June 2021 till May 2023.

This fee ensures fund manager interests are aligned with investors. If the fund delivers more than 24% return over a 24-month period, the fund manager is eligible to share 20% of the excess return. Example. If the fund returned 28% over 2-years (net of fees), the fund manager would share 20% of 4% or 0.8%, so net return would be 27.2%.

Minimum subscription

QAR 35,000 for individual investors QAR 350,000 for institutional investors

Al Rayan GCC Fund (Q) and Al Rayan GCC Fund (F)

Al Rayan GCC Fund was previously known as Al Rayan GCC Fund (Q). A separate fund, Al Rayan GCC Fund (F) followed the same investment strategy as Al Rayan GCC Fund (Q), but was reserved for non-Qatari investors with a base currency of US Dollars; the base currency of Al Rayan GCC Fund (Q) was Qatari Riyals.

During 2019, Al Rayan GCC Fund (Q) was renamed Al Rayan GCC Fund. In October 2019, to allow benefits of greater scale, and after consultation with all investors, Al Rayan GCC Fund and Al Rayan GCC Fund (F) were merged. Investors in Al Rayan GCC Fund (F) had their units swapped with those of Al Rayan GCC Fund and Al Rayan GCC Fund (F) became inactive.

This entire procedure was conducted with the approval, and under the scrutiny of the fund regulator, the Qatar Central Bank.