Masraf Al Rayan Promotes Education and Innovation by Sponsoring Prizes at “Meeting of the Minds Symposium”

Doha, Qatar- May 8, 2023

Masraf Al Rayan, a prominent Islamic bank in Qatar, demonstrated its commitment to social responsibility by sponsoring the Meeting of the Minds symposium at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar. This annual event provided a platform for students to showcase their research and project work to a diverse audience of faculty, peers, industry representatives, family members, and the wider community. The symposium was held on May 02, 2023, at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar's campus in Education City.

According to Mr. Fahad Al Khalifa, the GCEO of Al Rayan's Group, "The event was an exciting showcase of the latest research and project work by the university’s brightest minds. Masraf Al Rayan was thrilled to support Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar's Meeting of the Minds symposium. As a socially responsible corporate institution, we believe in supporting education and innovation, and this event provided a valuable opportunity for students to showcase their research and learn important communication skills. We were honored to be a part of this year's event and enjoyed seeing the presentations."

The students utilized various visual aids, such as posters and videos, to effectively communicate their research to both experts and non-experts. The event provided an avenue for students to improve their communication skills and bridge the gap between conducting research and presenting it to a wider audience. A review committee, composed of industry experts and faculty members from other universities, evaluated the presentations and selected the best projects and posters. Winners received prizes from Masraf Al Rayan, as well as awards and certificates.

Dr. Michael Trick, dean of Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, thanked Masraf Al Rayan for their dedication to undergraduate research. “We deeply appreciate Masraf Al Rayan’s interest and support of Meeting of the Minds. Research is an integral part of the undergraduate experience, as our students learn to find creative answers to questions that affect all of us. Meeting of the Minds is an opportunity for the entire community to celebrate the hard work and ingenuity of our students.”

Masraf Al Rayan is proud to support events like the Meeting of the Minds symposium and promote education and innovation in the communities it serves. The bank firmly believes in investing in the young generation and supporting them as they bridge the gap between knowledge creation and dissemination.