FAWRAN - Masraf Al Rayan


1) What is ’FAWRAN’?

• FAWRAN is a new service introduced by QCB to enable fund transfer between banks in Qatar. The transfer is instantaneous, and the beneficiary receives the transfer immediately.

2) Who can send/receive funds via the ‘FAWRAN’ service?

• Currently the service is available to Retail/Premier/Private banking customers of Masraf Al Rayan.
• The FAWRAN option is available under the “Fund Transfer” menu of the mobile application.
• Masraf Al Rayan customer can send /receive funds to/from :
- Other MAR accounts.
- Other Qatar Bank accounts.

3) Which currencies are currently available for the ‘FAWRAN’ service?

• Currently, customers can send/receive funds only in QAR (to/from QAR denominated accounts).

4) Which account types can be used to receive/send funds via ‘FAWRAN’?

• Customers having a current or savings account in Masraf Al Rayan can send or receive funds.

5) Does the customer have to register for the ‘FAWRAN’ service?

• Yes. As a first-time user, the customer must register for the service by creating an ‘Alias’ and linking this Alias to his/her saving or current account.

6) What is an ‘Alias’ & why is it needed?

• An ‘Alias’ is a unique name given to your account. This Alias is linked to your Current /Savings account.
• An ‘Alias’ is unique across all banks in Qatar.
• Customers use Aliases to send/receive funds as it is easier to use (instead of typing beneficiary account numbers).

7) What are the types of ‘Aliases’?

There are two types of aliases:
Mobile Alias
• Your Mobile Alias can only be your mobile number registered with Masraf Al Rayan. This has to be an 8-digit number. e.g. 55568111
Name Alias
• You Name Alias can be alphabet characters.
• Your Name Alias can be combination of alphabets, numbers & the ‘@’ sign. e.g. ggg587@, @456784, dilip@123, ahmed, ahmed123 etc.
• Name Alias cannot start with a number.
• Name Alias needs to be at least 3 characters & cannot exceed 20 characters.

# These aliases should be unique and not registered by other customers within banks in Qatar. While creation of the alias, the mobile application will do an alias availability checks.

8) I have an account with Masraf Al Rayan. Can I create more than one Alias for this account?

• Yes. You can have one ‘Mobile Alias’ and five ‘Name Alias’ linked to the same account.

9) I have created Alias and want to modify it?

• A created alias cannot be modified. Instead, the customer must delete the Alias and create a new one.

10) What are the limits set for the ‘FAWRAN’ Service?

• A customer can send a maximum of QAR 50,000 per day through the Fawran service. This limit is cumulative for all his accounts/aliases. The per transaction limit is set at – Minimum- QAR 1 & Maximum QAR 50,000.

11) How do I know the details of the beneficiary (account number/name) when I am sending funds to an Alias?

• While doing the transaction, the system will fetch all details of the beneficiary and show it to the customer to confirm.

12) Does the customer have to create a beneficiary first for sending funds via the FAWRAN service?

• No. Customers don't need to create a beneficiary for sending funds. They simply must input the alias of the beneficiary to proceed.

13) How does a customer dispute a transaction?

• The customer will have to call the call center to raise a dispute.

14) What are the Fees for initiating a FAWRAN transfer?

• Customers will be charged fees based on the below matrix.

Transfer Amount (QAR) Fees (QAR)
1 - 1,000 QAR 0.5
1001 - 50,000 QAR 2.0

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