Visa Award
Best Islamic Finance Award
Visa Award

Offer Details & Terms & Conditions

Main Features


Profit rates starting from 7%


Up to QR 100,000 Cashback Reward


No Feasiblity Study Fee and Property Valuation Fee


Grace period up to 12 Months for Qataris Grace period up to 6 Months for Non-Qataris


Finance up to QR 10 Million Up to 30 Years for Qataris Up to 25 Years for Non-Qataris


Automatic Premier Banking status with a Dedicated Relationship Manager


Campaign Period

• Valid from 11th July 2023 Till 31 Dec 2023

Main Target Segment

• Qatari Nationals & Expats with salary transfer


• Buy to live, Buy to Let & Buyout from other Banks

Minimum Finance Amount

• QR 500,000

Maximum Finance Amount

• QR 10,000,000

Property Types Allowed

• Ready property
• Under construction (only from established developers)
• Construction personal property
• Land (on case-to-case basis)

Customer Segment

• Qatari Nationals, Expats
Maximum finance to Value Ratio

Maximum Tenure

For privates houses with income from salary and other sources
Finance Amount QatarisNon - Qataris
Loan to Value / TenureLoan to Value / Tenure
Up to QR 6 Mill80% / Up to 30 Yrs.75% / Up to 25 Yrs.
More than QR 6 Mill75% / Up to 30 Yrs.70% / Up to 25 Yrs.
All above tenure includes grace period, if any.

Maximum Age at end of Tenure

• 65 years – Qatari, 60 years – expats

Income Sources Allowed

• Income must be from Salary
• Only income from rent assignment may be accepted (as additional income)

Salary Transfer

• Mandatory

End of Service benefits

• Mandatory to transfer to the bank for Non-Qataris only
Takaful Life & Property Insurance
• Mandatory to be paid by customer
• Masraf Al Rayan will provide Takaful Life and Property Insurance through Group Insurance Policy issued by Damaan Islamic Insurance Company (Beema)
Transfer of property ownership to bank
• Transfer of Ownership
• OR First degree mortgage in case property is mortgaged to the bank
Profit Rate
• Salary < QR 35K: QCB + 1.25%,
• Salary ≥ QR 35K: QCB + 1.00%,
• Salary Component is lesser than 70% of Total Monthly Income: QCB + 1.25%,
Special Features
Grace Period

• Free feasibility study fee and property valuation fee
• Cash back reward up to QR 100,000 equivalent to (2% of finance amount not exceeding QR 100,000)
• Up to 12 months grace period for Qatari Nationals
• Up to 6 months grace period for Non-Qataris
Claw Back
• The customer will need to keep the home Finance with MAR for at least 3 years to avail the cash back benefit.
• If the finance is closed within 3 years because of buy out from another bank, the customer will be obliged to pay back the cash amount in its entirety.
• The customer is no longer liable to repay the cash back if his/her finance completes 3 years with the bank.

Early Settlement Charges

• Customer to pay 1% of the principal outstanding amount in case of early settlement.

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